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New System Plumbers :: Power Flush

Professional Anton Power Flush and Kamco Mag Tech Service from only £399...

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New System Plumbers uses a high power powerflush system and high quality chemicals to flush, clean and leave your heating system working as good as new. We fully protect your system adding system inhibitors.  Over 4-8 hours our professional power flush will remove:

  • Magnetite sludge and blockages
  • Corrosion of the heating system in your pipework and radiators
  • Boiler contamination and contaminants in your heating pump

Symptoms of a system needing a power flush:

  • High bills
  • Noisy system
  • Radiators nor warm enough
  • Radiators need bleeding
  • Water pump failures
  • Sludge and rust in the system

Ongoing Benefits

  • Enhanced efficieny - lower heating bills by up to 30%

  • Conforms to maintaining the manufacturers guarantee

  • Faster heat up times and full surface of radiators heating up your home

  • Extended lifespan of radiators and boiler

  • Better circulation, quieter system and rust protection


Pre Power Flush & Mag Tech


Post Power Flush & Mag Tech