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New System Plumbers :: Service Charter

Our Service Charter                                                              NSP_Seal_100_A.jpg

New System Plumbers commits to all its clients that it will always endeavour to provide the best possible quality of service.  Our Service Charter forms part of this commitment to you.

As Company policy we will always endeavour to:

    • Arrive on time

    • Be polite and courteous

    • Respect our customers privacy

    • Be honest and trustworthy

    • Provide fair and transparent quotations

    • Stick to our quotations and agreed terms

    • Only charge for the time spent at a job and the number of hours worked

    • Only use suitably qualified and experienced workmen

    • Only use two tradesmen where necessary, apprentices or labourers will be used where possible

    • Keep the working area as tidy and safe as possible

    • Advice the customer when leaving or away from the job

    • Present a detailed invoice showing a clear and comprehensive description of work carried out

    • Ensure the cost of fixed price work is lower than if it had been charged at our hourly rates

    • Ensure that we work a full 10 hour day when on a day rate

    • Fully test and sign off work on completion

    • Get customer feedback and appraisal

As Company Policy we will not:

    • Charge the customer for any more than 45 minutes when collecting materials, unless agreed otherwise

    • Mark-up on the retail price of materials

    • Charge for non-work related phone calls, or engage in them during working time

    • Charge for tea and lunch breaks

    • Charge for unnecessary time spent away from the job

    • Charge for any wasted or unnecessary time when undertaking your work

    • Carry out any unnecessary work.

    • Talk customers into any unecessary work

    • Overcharge customers under any circumstances